Quilts Featured in Leesburg Art Exhibit

An exhibit of modern era quilts will open at the Leesburg Town Exhibit Hall, Tuesday, Dec. 1, continuing through Jan. 31.

According to the Leesburg Commission on Public Art, historians break down United States history into four distinct eras: Colonial, Antebellum, Postbellum and Modern. The Mason Dixon Quilt Professionals Network chose the Modern Era to challenge their members to craft quilts which depict an event, a person, a fad, a body of work, a movement, an idea, or a decade which occurred between 1914 and 2014.  The resulting 12 quilts in the exhibit cover historical events, persons and phenomena that include the use of chemical weapons in World War I, the internment of Japanese-Americans during World War II, Dr. Seuss, the emergence of TV as a cultural phenomenon, the Space Program, Vietnam, Flower Power, the decline of the blue collar worker, recognition of Native American sacrifices, the emergence of video games, ribbons for causes, and Facebook.

The Mason Dixon Quilt Professionals Network supports, promotes and encourages quality professional quilt services and acts as a resource for members to market their talents. Members are quilt artists, teachers, designers, authors, judges, appraisers, hand/machine quilters and notion/tool manufactures. Learn more at at www.MasonDixonQuiltPros.net.


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